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Consent to use applies the terms and conditions below. Before you go any further, it's a good idea to read the disclaimer below carefully before accessing the information on this site. This is highly recommended because it contains provisions for visitors who read articles and access information on By accessing information on this site, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions listed below.

1. Copyright
All articles in are not copy and paste results. But for those of you who want to copy paste the existing articles on this site, you are free to do it. It's just that you have to include the source link or you can rewrite every article that you copy at least 30% has a difference with the original article so that no party is harmed. If you are proven to have made a full copy and paste article from without including the source link, then we have the right to report your blog or site to Google with accusations of copyright infringement that is duplicate content. As a result it could be that the blog / site that you painstakingly built will not be indexed from Google's search engine even up to the removal of a unilateral blog / site by Google.

2. Use of the contents of
We write all articles on this site by looking at sources from various references, both information from websites that have the same theme or direct sources from people who have information about what we are reviewing. In addition, the articles we write also come from personal experiences and also the experiences of friends and those closest to the author. You understand that the purpose of every article in is to be of benefit to everyone so that it becomes a charity field through useful knowledge.
You understand that is not responsible for the adverse effects of any information that you get from this site, because any information from each article in may be inaccurate, have a negative or useless impact and have a damaging effect.

3. Change of Agreement can change this agreement at any time, and the change will take effect immediately after the official approval sheet is published on this site. You agree to review the agreement changes periodically and any subsequent access you make to this site is considered as approval for changes to the content of the disclaimer.
This disclaimer page was created on: Sunday, May 16, 2021.