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This is the reason the Instagram application can't load news feed, find out here

Causes of Instagram Cannot Load News Feed - Instagram's social media application is familiar among the current generation, but there are still many problems that occur in the Instagram application that make many users feel confused. 

One of the problems that often occurs is when there is no "Unable to replay news feed" message. accompanied by a blank timeline page (does not show any posts).

This problem also often occurs when exiting the application and wanting to log back in. This can make Instagram application users feel annoyed and confused because the message "cannot play back news feed" appears until it disturbs the comfort of users when playing Instagram.

Although this has only happened a few times, but there are many causes of the problem, here are some of the factors that cause it:

This is the reason Instagram can't load news feed, find out here

1. Internet connection problem

Problematic internet connection due to unstable or internet network interference from the operator, can be a frequent factor that causes the message to appear, so that the Instagram timeline cannot display photos or videos that have been uploaded by users. Not being aware of quotas or internet packages that have run out can also cause internet connection problems.

2. The Instagram app is having a temporary problem

Although it has been around for a long time, the Instagram application is also inseparable from problems that come from the developers themselves. Instagram may not be able to load or display the timeline, including the display of error messages such as "Unable to replay news feed".

The solution is that you can wait for the developer to provide the latest information about the Instagram application, but you can also restart the application or your cellphone to solve this problem. If it still doesn't work, you can try clearing the cache on your phone.

3. Too much cache

The cache or temporary data stored by the Instagram application and is too much can cause the application to crash and display the message "Unable to play back homepage news".

Therefore, we can clear the cache through the "Clear Cache" or "Clear Data" menu in the Instagram application settings which can be accessed via App Management in the settings application.

If that still doesn't work, then you can try pressing the "Clear Data" button as well to delete all data such as newly installed applications.

4. Applications must be updated

The Instagram application sometimes has to be updated to get updates so the application will usually error if it has not been updated so you have to immediately update the Instagram application to the latest version on the Google PlayStore for Android Mobile and the AppStore for iOS so that the application can function as before.

5. Problematic Instagram server

Server problems can also be experienced by the Instagram application. In this case there is no solution that can be done by users, so users must be patient to wait until Instagram fixes the existing problems. However, before waiting for a fix, you can try asking a friend as another user or using another cellphone to log in to your Instagram account. If you still can't, most likely the Instagram application on your cellphone is having problems.

The final word,

That's a little information that we can give you about the cause of one of the Instagram application problems. Hopefully it can be useful for you and don't forget to keep visiting the site to read other interesting articles.

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